Guinan Ten Forward

"My name is Guinan, I tend bar and I listen."

Yes, and she is ready to serve a drink to Worf in this fine ensemble, which was a commission for a private client to wear to a Cosplay event. The design is a line by line copy from a collector's doll and we strove to keep the details authentic and true to the character. Her hat is sculpted from foam which was engineered to retain its shape without the use of wire. For that we developed a prototype which was then covered in crushed velvet and trimmed with piping made of holographic lace. Her jacket is also trimmed with the same holographic lace as the hat and the rest is silk jersey covered by laser cut chiffon voile. She also wears an under tunic and pants made from the same silk jersey (not shown). I'll have what she's having!

Costume Detail


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