Ring Mistress at the Carnival of Lost Souls

One of my favorite Halloween projects was to design this creation for the hostess of this event. 'Carnival of Lost Souls' is a yearly event held at a private ranch outside of Rosenberg, TX.

The Ring Mistress costume was inspired by the Venetian Carnival costumes worn by the revelers at this venerable event.

The flat disc shape of her skirt was created by inserting strips of light weight balsa wood into a carrier that was sewn into the hem of the circle skirt. This caused the fabric to stay taught and flat like a disc. The underpinnings also helped to hold up the skirt and give it some bounce. This was accomplished by creating a petticoat of multiple concentric layers and weights of netting fabric. This is the same construction technology used in the creation of ballerina tutus.

The attached bodice was boned using rigeline, a lightweight boning that is sewn right into the garment without the use of carriers. The stripes help to conceal the bones and help to give the bodice a smooth appearance. This gave the wearer comfort and support while at the same time balancing the disc skirt, preventing it from wobbling when walking.

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