Designer, Artist, Writer, and professional Bon Vivant. Antonia was born in Cuba in the Mid 20th Century. A world traveler since childhood, she has always been fascinated and Influenced by, exotic cultures. "You are only limited by your imagination" ¨has been her motto. Antonia does not limit herself to just creating art with fabric, she ads her creative Touch by incorporating all media into her work. Thereby making each piece a true concept of wearable art. Functional yet unique.
A Critics Award Graduate from Manhattan’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology.

She has experienced encounters from the exalted to the notorious. As a young toddler in Cuba she remembers sitting on the lap of Fidel Castro and picking rice out of his beard.

A few years later while on a family trip to her ancestral village in Northern Spain, she was patted on the head by non other than Generalissimo Francisco Franco (who is still dead). Not to be intimidated by her past encounters with powerful men, Antonia was once seated next to the famous Fashion Icon Richard Avedon on a flight from Dallas to New York. She caught the eye of the legendary photographer who remarked ¨I like your hair cut¨-¨Thanks; I like your photographs ¨she quipped back.

Antonia´s original focus was in the field of ready-to-wear where she designed many collections under her name to tremendous critical and financial success. However, finding the world of 7th Avenue too constricting, she shifted her focus to the Costume and Visual Arts in the late 20th Century. Since then her unique and innovative creations have won her numerous awards and accolades. She has lent her creative and technical input for numerous Entertainment industry Projects. Please click to the Awards and Credits pages for more details. 

Not to be outdone by her achievements in the World of Art and Design, Antonia also lends her talent to the world of Gonzo Journalism. She is the resident Columnist for AINEWS her hilarious column Ask Antonia Anything¨ was the recipient of  ¨Best of the Net¨ Award for excellence in Journalism.

Antonia currently lives in Texas with her cats, her art, and her gusto for life. She is dedicated to making the world safe from the aesthetically challenged. She urges all that visits these pages to adopt an animal from the local shelters because to save a life is an aesthetic blessing in itself.