Hopadillo at the Super Bowl!

When Hopadillos Attack!

“Hopadillo” is the brand mascot for one of the most popular craft beers brewed by the Karbach Brewing Company. I had the pleasure to create this mascot for Karbach’s participation at Super Bowl LI which took place in Houston. “Hoppy” is what happens when you cross an armadillo and hops leaves: An armadillo with hops leaves for scales.

In order to create Hoppy’s look it was necessary to build several large prosthetics which where covered by hand stenciled leaves and then attached to a large onesie. This was followed by a similar approach in the building of the gloves and spats in order to create a ‘larger that life’ effect.

As you can tell from the pictures, Hoppy is a very personable fellow who enjoys hanging out, spinning a hula-hoop and attacking unsuspecting employees.