Howdy Dog and Candy Cotton

Stand aside Kim & Kanye!

Meet the new hottest celebrity couple of the season!

Howdy Dog and Candy Cotton are the long time mascots of the venerable Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Here they are making their social debut in their refurbished and spruced up costumes, which I had the opportunity to help create. Please read on to learn more about this amazing process:

Howdy and Candy (as they are affectionately called) have been an institution at the Rodeo for over 27 years. Obviously these 2 legends of the corral were long overdue for a 'facelift.' I was contacted by Tony Burt, the Chairman of the Committee to assist, and so the process began.

I was given the 'shells' or 'skeletons' of the 2 characters that required they be covered with fabric & trim recalling the original characters, but with a bit more 'fluff'. They received new hats, new badges, and a touch up here and there and Voila! Please refer to the images at right for details of the re-construction.

Hat refurbish

Badge refurbish

Candy detail

Howdy detail