Neptune's Consort

This Art Piece was originally conceived by that name before it evolved into "Zenobia Dreaming". This costume was inspired by the ceremonial robes worn by the Pacific Islanders. I had always been fascinated by the tribal tatooing and had wanted to create a garment that immitated that. What I started with was a one piece leotard of nude souffel fabric. This unusual fabric is used for beading so that when the person wears it they appear to be nude. I took this one step further and decided to digitally embroider the souffel so that the patterns resembelled the tribal tatoos on the actual flesh of the model. The Cape is made of raw tussah silk, a fiber I love to work with since the colors are so brilliant. It is covered with silk dupion and feather appliques with cross-stitched trapunto ribbons. Her headress is a buckram frame covered with blue silk crepe fabric. Sequins and light emmiting diodes cover the diadem. Coque, ostrich and Ibis feathers top off the fantasy.

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acclaimed Theatrical Director and Performer
Natalia Futasova onstage performing the
Award Winning performance piece 'Zenobia Dreaming'.