Titania Takes A Quantum Leap

This installation was presented as part of the "Creatures and Models Exhibit" sponsored by Industrial Light and Magic Studios, Lucas Film, and the Marin County Fair. The theme of the competition was "Alternative Travel", hence the concept for this art piece. "Titania Takes A Quantum Leap" won First Place in the costume category, and Best of Show for the entire exhibit.

Titania, being the Queen of the Fairy Kingdom, and thus being able to transcend all dimensional planes, is wearing attire suitable for time travel. For her costume I attempted to combine both traditional and high-tech materials of all media.

Although the silhouette is reminiscent of an 18c pannier and corset, the fabrics are not. Her bodice is made of holographic tricot trimmed with an antique silver braid. The skirt is made of multi-layerings of iridescent sharkskin organdy trimmed with laser cut sequins and alencon lace. Her wings are also made of pearlescent sharkskin organdy, and are embedded with light emitting diodes. I most enjoyed building her wig and Magic Wand which are both made of painted twigs, fiber optic threads and opalescent crystals.