Venetian  Dogaressa
Ms. Deborah Lee

Ms. Lee wore this costume when she attended Warren Simon's Renaissance Fantasy Gala.

The garment is an authentic reproduction of a ceremonial gown worn by the wife of the Doge of Venice. The city, being a center for trade and comerce in Renaissance times had access to fabulous fabrics from the orient. Men and women alike showed their wealth in the clothes they wore.

Ms. Lee's dress is made of purple silk dupion and rich Brocade. Her bodice is trimmed with seed pearls and Austrian crystals. The sleeves are trimmed with gold leaf lace and gem stones.  Over her dress is worn a Fortuny pleated cape made of silk and gold thread with a bullion-stiched clasp.

On her head Ms. Lee wears a reproduction of a Crown that would have been worn by the Dogaressa. It is made of silk velvet trimmed with gold leaf plated brass ribbons and sunburst enamel coins.

Not shown: Authentic platform shoes covered with brocade silk.